Naked Running Band を製造・販売しているメーカー (Naked Sports Innovations) が Naked Running Vest および Naked Running Spra というランニング・ギアを発売するようです。

SALOMON S-LAB SENSE SET でもかなりミニマルと思っていたけど。

As of mid-October, you'll be able to get into our two newest products, the Naked® running spra and Naked® running vest.
The Naked® running vest is made from the incredibly breathable, quick-drying, non-chafing and bounce-resistant Naked Power Mesh. It weighs in at only 3.5 oz. and, with pockets on the front, sides and back, it has a whopping 3-liter capacity – perhaps the highest weight/capacity ratio for packs in the world. Its unique design ensures weight distribution of the things you need on the run, including poles, flasks (any model will work), reservoirs (the front pull cords double as tube locks), food, clothing, and accessories. Safety features include a shock-cord mounted high volume safety whistle and reflective elements. An internal micro clip is also provided for keys and other valuables. The Naked® running vest is made to wear next to the skin or over light clothing and comes in Men’s and Women’s models, in 12 sizes for a precise fit.

As for the brand Naked®, our products are so light and comfortable, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all!
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Naked Running Band がそのままランニングベストになりましたという製品ですね。

NAKED RUNNING BAND、名前からしてミニマルな感じでちょっと好みなのですが。。。 え~と、タイトルは「腰まわりに複数のポケットが な…


Naked Running Vest



Naked® Sports Innovations 

Naked Running Vest は、まだ発売前 (10月中旬発売予定) のようで Shop のページには載っていません。

Story — Naked® Sports Innovations 

Naked Running Band 以上にサイズ選択が難しそうですね、試着しないとムリかな。


以上、仲値やりながらの更新。。。。案の定、利食いし損ねました :namida: