Fenix 3 のソフトウェアが 3.80 から 3.90 を飛び越えて 4.00 になりました。



  • Added support for HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim.
  • Added support for Smart Notification Actions (interact with the incoming notifications directly from the pop-up or within the Notifications widget, e.g. clear a message or reject an incoming call).
  • Added 'Find My Phone' app (added at the end of the app list).
  • Added a heading arrow indicator to data pages when in navigation mode.
  • Added support for advanced VIRB remote (compatible with VIRB X/XE: control camera settings, display additional status information).
  • Added advanced alarm clock features (multiple alarms, recurring options, notification customization).
  • Added support for 'Auto' backlight mode (options are now available to configure backlight separately for keys, alerts and gestures: Settings > System > Backlight).
  • Added setting to control Bluetooth connection alerts (Settings > Bluetooth > Alerts).
  • Improved ascent and descent calculations.
  • Improved pairing time with the tempe sensor.
  • Fixed issue with saving of lap ascent values.
  • Fixed potential issue with steps being lost during an activity.
  • Fixed potential issues with heart rate sensor connection reliability.

via: Garmin: Fenix3 Updates & Downloads

最初に書かれていたのは 2 ~ 3 日前に発表された新しい心拍計のサポートでした。

» Introducing HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim – the first heart rate monitors for land and water from Garmin » Garmin Blog



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